Rebecca Benson, Director of Acquisitions - San Diego County

Rebecca is a Director of Acquisitions for CRP in the San Diego County area. Rebecca primary responsibilities include underwriting and analysis, acquisition and negotiation and listing execution for CRP properties in San Diego.

Rebecca has been a highly successful agent in San Diego handling in excess of $35M in transaction closings from a variety of retail and investor clients.   She is an expert at pricing distressed assets and creating highly successfully marketing plans for the sale of properties.

Rebecca Benson is one of the founders of Four Seasons Realty, a boutique real estate brokerage in San Diego County.    Prior to founding Four Seasons Realty, Rebecca Benson ran a Los Angeles based division of Cypress Mortgage Group which was headquartered in the Bay Area, where she oversaw the administration, production, and marketing for the Los Angeles division. Prior to being selected to expand the business to the Los Angeles, area, Rebecca was a senior loan officer at Cypress Mortgage Group in headquarters of the Bay area, where Rebecca successfully executed over $15M of transactions annually. 

Rebecca is a member of the National Association of Realtors in San Diego County and is a licensed Realtor.